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convert binary number to binary string


I'm currently using I32 number cell that contains 17 bits. 16 bits of data
and 1 spacing bit. the format is like this:
" 1 + 0000000000000000"
space bit 16 data bits

This is a numerical field which is formatted to display data in binary
format. I would like to convert the 16 bit data into a string that displays
the values in a binary format and not decimal format. How would i do this?
When i use " Decimal number to string", i get the (obviously) the decimal
format instead of binary. Is there a quick way to do this or will I need to
write a converter?


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There is a quick way. Use the "Format into String" function. See the example attached. Basically, the key is to know that "%b" is the format specifier for binary number to string.

Daniel L. Press
PrimeTest Corp.
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