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controlling UR5e universal robot with LabVIEW



I am trying to send some commands to a UR5e universal robot with LabVIEW as:


Actually, the robot executes only the command on the last line. Even I put some time delay functions ("sleep()" in URScript) between the motion commands, I get the same problem.

Can somebody kindly help me to resolve this issue?


Thank you and regards,




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We always ask (beg, plead) that Forum users attach LabVIEW code (files that have the extension ".vi") rather than, or in addition to, "pictures of the code".  We also don't know (and you didn't attach a manual) what format the UR5e universal robot expects its commands to follow.


Have you tried sending one command at a time?  If you give the Robot three movement commands "as fast as you can" (i.e. "all at once"), will it start the second before it finishes the first, and start the third before it finishes the first two?  Note that would explain the behavior you are seeing.  It is something only you can test, as you have the manual, the robot, and the LabVIEW code-that-does-not-work.


Bob Schor


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