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control mouse, LCD brightness and sound volume

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hi, i'm trying to design a VI that allows handicap people (with no hands) to use the PC by controling the mouse, LCD brightness and sound volume through several sensors. I did find how to control the mouse but still can't find how to control brightness (using setdevicegammaramp) neither the volume (using waveoutsetvolume). can someone help me with those two functions plz?

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I'm not sure how this is a LabVIEW question since you seem to be asking how to control the brightness of a display using the Windows API. While you can call Windows API functions from LabVIEW, the details on how to use the Windows API is with Microsoft, not NI. Have you looked on the web for examples on controlling the brightness programmatically? If so, do you understand how they work? If you do, are you asking how to get them working in LabVIEW? Do you have a specific example that you are trying to get working?


As for the volume, you do not need to resort to the Windows API to set the volume. There are sound VIs that ship with LabVIEW for playing sound and controlling the volume. Search the examples (Help -> Find Examples) to take a look at the sound examples.

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i did look for LCD brightness control examples, i found the setdevicegammaramp function, i know that i should  use the call library function node but i couldn't make it work, i didn't understand the parametres that i should use them

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Try the attached VI. I have no idea whether it will work for your setup since other factors are involved in setting the brightness, such as the monitor's controls and the video card settings.

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thank u this is exactly what i want, u r so helpfull, i m very grateful!!!!Smiley Happy

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