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client does not have access to specified vi

Dear All

This is the first time I face this type of problem. I am trying to build a remote front panel for my program. I did this steps many times for different Vi and I succeded. I dont know what is wrong this time. I am designing a program that is interfaced with measurment instruments and collect data in real time. I export it for the remote user and controled it over the network succefully. When I came next day the website refuce to open this VI and showed me the frame as it is the remote panel with a this sentence in the middle of the frame " client does not have access to specified vi". I couldnt fint the roots of the problem. Can any1 help please?? ASAP


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Thank you for posting on the National Instruments Discussion Forums,

Regarding your question, there are two possible causes for this error. The first is that the server-side machine is not configured properly to allow the client access to either the computer or the particular VI.

The second possibility is that two computers are attempting to access the same VI on the same remote computer at the same time on a system with only a single seat license.

I would suggest following the tutorial linked below closely, and then also ensuring that only one machine is using the remote front panel at a time.

Remote Panels in LabVIEW

Scott Yellig
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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