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citrix server and citrix client

citrix server and citrix client

I'm from singapore Polytechnic doing my Finial Year Project.
I'm try to run the "Web Publishing Tool" function avaliable in labeview 7.1.
After running the tool, i try to view it in the Internet Explorer using PDA.
I only can see words but not my program.
My teacher told me the PDA require a Plugin to view.
She gave me a suggestion to try "Citrix".
I need the free version.
I try to download it from but there isn't any.
Anyone here knows where i can get "Citrix Server" and "Citrix Client"?
Free version or trial version will do.
If you anyone knows a better way do make it work, please tell me


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Re: citrix server and citrix client

I have never heard of the PDA requiring Citrix in order to use remote panels in LabVIEW, so I'm not sure how much truth is in that. However, the issue of working with VIs on a PC from your PDA is discussed at length in this Knowledgebase. Basically, if you want to simply view the VI on your PDA, all you need to do is change the viewing options of your webpage and make it not embedded. The reason for this is that the embedded option requires the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine and there is no version of this that currently exists for the PDA. If you need to actually interact with the VI from your PDA, then you will need to use an alternative method, which is discussed in the linked KB. Hope this gets you pointed in the right direction!
Kind Regards,
E. Sulzer
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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