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case structure with multiple cases

What do I have to hook to a case selector to get something more than a boolean? I have 4 different cases but I dont know how to accesss them. I appreciate your help.
Ron Deavers, CLD
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There are many possibilities:

Hook up a string and type the appropriate keywords in each case, add new cases as needed.
Hook up an integer, and the cases will be numbered.
Hook up an Enum, and the cases will be named after the values.
Hook up an error cluster and you get two cases "Error" and "No error".
Hook up a radio button control (LabVIEW 7.1 only) and you get cases named after each boolean.

And so on... 🙂

For Enums and radio button, you can even right-click on the case and "Add case for every value" if there are more values than cases.
Just play around with it.... and you'll discover more treasures.
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Thank you very much. I was playing around and found the enum. I think thats what I want to do. Thanks again.
Ron Deavers, CLD
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