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can labview draw like a pen or pencil?

I'm trying to set up a VI with x and y control, where I can use the x and y control to draw on the screen..... like an etch-a-sketch.  The picture controls have plenty of drawing tools for making lines, boxes, circles, arcs...etc.... but I can't find anything that would just trace the pixels as I go... if I could use the circle picture control to move a picture around the screen, like a blck dot, like a pen, where it would leave a trail whereever it was... that would be great.  Can labview do this?


much thanks!

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The details may be a bit sketchy, but look at these: -AK2DM
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If you install the Code Capture Tool then you will have a drawing tool inside the preview window.

A simple version introduction is shown here, with the following basic code:




You will have to tweak this for offsets and window movement, but the ide is quite simple, just write each move event to the picture contol.




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I wish I could look at this etch-a-sketch, but I'm running labview 2009 and it says labview 5.1 is too old for it to open. 


The mouse solution seems cool, but I was looking for a program based drawing tool, where I could just enter x,y coord's. Not drawing with a mouse.


thanks all

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Then look at the second 'Etch-A-Sketch' example. There are two links there.

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Which "etch-a-sketch" example are you referring to? The second link provided by AnalogKid is in LabVIEW 2009? Also, the example using mouse events is just using the mouse to provide the coordinates, it could be done from knobs, arrays, etc.

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ahh cool, I didn't notice the 2nd link, thanks for pointing it out

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I apologize for the poorly formatted post. Internet has slowed to a crawl here, the message got corrupted and it would have taken me another 10 minutes just to edit or repost if I was lucky.



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