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bookmark and pull down menu


I need some help. In the attached word document (.docx), all my bookmarks are in the last colomn of this template. When I run my program, things work well but I am not able to remove the "choose an item" that is coming from the pull down menu located at that place.

Please run the program you will understand what I mean.

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Hello Agyna,


There is a combo box in the word template before and after running the VI. If you delete the combo box in the Word template, then the “Choose an item” text will disappear. The VI only appends the string “pass” it does not select “pass” from the combo box.

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Yes, exact. I don't want to delete the combo box. I want to keep it there so that when someone click there they can see the choice to make. but as I am using the pass/fail result, I want to remove only that phrase that is not needed and keep the combo box.

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Hello Agyna,


It appears the Report Generation Toolkit does not offer functions for directly modifying combo boxes. The only option I know of is using an ActiveX control - ActiveX being the framework for controlling Microsoft software remotely. We offer functions for using ActiveX in LabVIEW and provide some examples for programmatically changing ActiveX controls – particularly for Excel. I recommend studying these examples and reviewing Microsoft’s ActiveX documentation.


That being said, learning how to use ActiveX is not trivial and this may be more effort than you are willing to put into the project. However this is one possible solution.

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