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blueetooth comunication

I am trying to interface blueetooth communication between labview and my blueetoth shield am failing to read the blueetooth shield from labview how do i go about it ,since i can discover my shield with PC not in labview

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What is a Bluetooth shield?  Are you talking about an Arduino accessory?



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sorry for late reply waws busy with exams but i am back with my project now.


bluetooth shield is arduino accessory which is attachedto the arduino uno to enable blueetooth comunication.i have managed to add bluetooth device and located it using my computer,but on labview i dont know how to go about it .


my project is to simulate angle changes of human arm in labview using wireless comunication,everything on my master side is fine (labview will me my slave),all i need in labview is to show the chnges in angles reading from my blueetoth device ,i am using a bluetooth dongle and windows 7





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Hello Kuda,

Our LabVIEW Interface for Arduino software is one of our Specalty products that we have a specific support forum for.  You can find that forum here. We have developers that monitor this forum and are very familiar with Arduino and its interface with LabVIEW.  I would encourage you to repost there and I suspect you will be able to find resources to get you going with your project.

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