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best image analysis package for dimensional inspection?

Can you guys recommend an image analysis package for dimensional
inspection of a simple part using a camera link camera? I also prefer a
high level user and programmer interface since I want non Labview
programmers to have some ability to make changes to the inspection app.
This will be running in an automated manf system, inspecing parts at 1
per sec and using digital io to sequence it with the other assembly

NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection looks like a good choice for
these reqs, but I wondered if you guys agreed or if there was another
program I should consider.

I am also not wed to a NI package, I used ImagePro from Media
Cybernetics a few years ago and liked it, but I am not current on how
these progs compare today. Any recommendations for my app?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Doug Danielson
Atlanta, GA

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I use quite a lot VBAI and I think it matches with your needs. As far as I know VBAI was developped under LabVIEW, that means a very good LabVIEW developper can do with LabVIEW what you can do with VBAI.
But still, you cannot compare LabVIEW and VBAI since they are completely different product, as you described your needs I think VBAI is the right soft.

I don't know about non-NI products doing similar things, that certainly exist...

Hope this helps a bit 😉

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Antoine Chalons

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