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avi acquisition

I'm attempting to get *.avi files using NI IMAQ and a Mintron camera. I'm employing the "sequence and save to" which allows me to acquire the avi files, but when I view these files they are all full of static and the actual image cannot be seen. I don't think there is a problem with the camera because I can see a prefectly clear live feed using NI Vision Assistant. The parameters may need to be changed or the actual vi itself. Here is the vi that I'm using:

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I'm not sure exactly what you mean by static.  If you're saving to an AVI and the images look fine when viewed in Vision Assistant, my first guess is that you are experiencing compression artifacts of some sort.  Could you please upload either a few screenshots or a short video showing the "static" you are referring to?

Luke H
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The static is more like a scrambled image that I can't make heads or tails out of. As I mentioned before  Vision Assistant works fine and I see the clear image of my lab through the camera, but when I record it and make it an avi, it looks like this:

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I tried your code with and IMAQ 1410 and RS 170 camera.  It didn't work at first because I was pulling in a grayscale 8 bit image and saving to AVI.  This was not the correct type and it was throwing an error.  It didn't demonstrate what you were seeing though.  Please take a look at the code I've attached.  I modified it a bit to cast my grayscale image to a 32 bit RGB image before writing it to an AVI.  Let me know how things go.

Luke H
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Hi Luke,
I tried your vi, but I got an error message:

Error - 1074396157 occurred at IMAQ Cast Image
Unlicensed Copy of IMAQ Vision
Possible Reason(s):
IMAQ Vision: (Hex 0xBFF60403) Unlicensed copy of IMAQ Vision

When I didn't use your addition into my vi, (the IMAQ Cast Image function) then I didn't get an error message but still no luck with the avi images. I don't understand why it would say that I have a bad copy of IMAQ Vision.

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Hi Luke,
Thank you for all your help, it turns out that my version of winamp was just malfunctioning, and that's why the images were all scrambled. I tried the vi you sent me and it works well too. Thank you again for your useful advice.

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Hi guys,
I am trying to use the same VI to aquire my AVI movies.
But what I need is to constantly acquire the images showing them on the screen, so I can adjust the image propoerties.
Then, I want to press a button (or any other event) and start saving the images into AVI from that point on for a certain time (or number os acquired frames).
Can you help with this?
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