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array point


         I have a C demo as below,which uses a byte array point as parament and convert it to short.Now I want to use it in LabVIEW,how can i do?

         The LabVIEW picture I have catched.The input and return value's type I need in LabVIEW is I16.

        Thank you.



BYTE * PixValue;

void CDMDControlDlg::OnSetDMD()
      // TODO: Add your control notification handler code here
      //BYTE * PixValue = new BYTE[98304];

      for(UINT i = 0;i<98304;i++)
            PixValue[i] = 0xFF;

      m_ddcobject.MemToFrameBuffer((short *)PixValue);//return is also a I16
      //delete []PixValue;


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