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I am also looking for a way to comunicate to a NI USB device (NI-9215) over ethernet. We purchased an ANYWHEREUSB/5 box in hopes it would solve the problem. However, windows doesn't fully recognize the NI devices anymore and MAX doesn't see that they are there at all. It is important that it be ethernet as there is a transparent fiberoptic link between the two ethernet links. Does anyone know of a product that will work with this or has a way of working around the issues invilved in using the AnywhereUSB/5 device?

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You could always dedicate a PC to act as a "server" for the USB device (perhaps a PXI-based system running either conventional LV or LVRT, or a standard OTS PC). You would write a small application that you could access remotely from another LV environment using VI Server.


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As this forum states we have not verfied all our USB products with every hub/extender product.  There is also some discussion regarding the AnywhereUSB System.  Read through that, and let us know if you have further questions.

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The idea of running a small PC onsite is where it looks like we are going to end up. However, we have foudn that we can use a port redirector for USB which slims down the requirements for the PC onsite.

I havea also read these forum comments about the AnywhereUSB and it basically comes down to what everyone one else is saying. Digi says they've talked to you and that they've done all they can and NI hasn't verified that it works. So basicly, it doesn't work. But no one has suggested any alternate hardware.
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The use of cDAQ with anywhereUSB was reported to R&D (# 3ZGAIHHT) and was fixed with NI-DAQmx 8.5. I suggest that you download the newest version of NI-DAQmx, which is available as a free download here. Please let us know if this works for you. Thanks!

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I tried downloading the new DAQmx 8.5 drivers. But they don't make a difference. My computer still doesn't properly recoginize the USB device (NI-9215 in a NI-9162 carrier board)

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Hi B@f,
Thank you for your reply. Perhaps I need to clarify what you are trying to do. The NI-9215 is a module that can be used with a CompactDAQ chassis, a CompactRIO system, or a USB sleeve. How are you using this device? The NI-9215, when used with a USB sleeve, (now known as a USB-9215,) is not supported in NI-DAQmx, as explained in this Knowledge Base article. Is your device detected in MAX when connected directly to the computer, rather than through the ANYWHEREUSB? If you are using a CompactDAQ and are unable to detect it in MAX, I would like to know so that we can notify R&D.

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I'm using the NI-9215 with the USB sleeve. It works through DAQ-mx when connected directly through a computer. This was our original configuration. However, we would prfer not to have to place a complete computer in the finished product. Hence using the AnywhereUSB. We have ordered the cRio controller and chassis but they wont be available for shipping until the end of the month. Nothing we are doing involves the conpactDAQ system. If we end up going to the cRio system, that would eliminate the need for the anywhereUSB as it communicates over TC/IP as a standalone system. But it's a great deal more expensive option.

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Hi B@,

You are using the USB-9215A, which is composed of the NI 9211 C-Series Module, and the USB-9162 USB Sleeve.  This device uses NI-DAQmx as described by this KB.   The device should show up in MAX when connected to your computer directly, and it sounds like it does.  However, according to the forum linked in Kenn's post above, it sounds like there are compatibility issues with our USB devices and the AnywhereUSB extender.  Digi lists NI CompactDAQ (C-Series Modules) as supported by the extender, but it sounds like this is not the case.  We have tested these devices to be fully compliant with USB 2.0 Standards and Specifications.  Have you contacted Digi about the issue?


Nicholas B, National Instruments

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I have contacted Digi and they replied that they have contacted NI. Their position is they have done all they can and are waiting for NI to get back to them.

Since this USB to TC/IP didn't work, I've also bought one from Keyspan. Which doesn't work either but they are looking into why and if it is possible to correct the issue. I have a question about the USB 2.0 standard. Does the NI hardware conform to the exact standard?

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