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Hi All,

Below attached one of the screenshot of my program that uses xy graph. Why does this amplitude on the right hand side?

and when i extend the graph.. the values are still blocked.

Hope to hear any replies soon. I'm in a rush of it.


Thanks & Regards,


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Accepted by topic author Isabella

It looks like you either have a second y-scale or the positioning of your y-scale has been modified to an odd location.  Check the property node for Y-scale.Left and see if it is a large number.


The easist thing to do would be to just create a new XY graph and connect your code to that, then delete the bad one.

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Maybe it's because she's in the Southern Hemisphere, so the coriolis effect moves the scale to the other side.


Actually, I think Ravens Fan is right.  Just couldn't resist the opportunity to blame the coriolis effect.

-Matt Bradley

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  I think you can try to use shortcut menu as on scrennshoot below.Point your cursor to the scale and right click on it.Use the sweep side short cut on the  window popup menu .If you are not using any property node to change side in block diagram.






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