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alternating between two temperature limits with case structures integrated

Hi, I am quite new to LABview and have been using it to turn off an power supply once a temperature limit is reached. 

The temperature is measured using an IR Camera and the version is 2021 LABview.

I have gotten the code to a position where once the higher temperature limit is reached, the power supply will turn off. then once the temperature of the component being measured falls back below this temperature, the power supply will turn back on. This obviously is not healthy for my power supply as it will constantly be turning on and off. 


I would like to essentially define and upper limit where once it is triggered the power supply (True case in the case structure) turns off,

I would like it to remain off until a lower temperature limit is reached, which will trigger the false state of the case loop and turn the power supply back on, where it will remain on until the higher temperature limit is reached. So on and so forth.


I believe it is possible by utilising the high and low alarm conditions in the code provided, however I am not experienced enough to know how to do this and would appreciate it if anyone could help me in solving this problem. I have attached all relevant VI's and SubVI''s Below.


Thank you.

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Sorry, I am not sure if the files uploaded.

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Sorry, I can't currently look at your code until later. Consider "save for previous" (2020 or below)  before attaching.


When attaching a pile of VIs, also tell us which one is the toplevel so we don't need to guess:








(On a side note, it is LabVIEW, not LABview (sic). Once you know how to spell it with the correct letter case, you are already a step closer to mastering it. 😄 )

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