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Yokogawa driver MX100

I am hoping someone out there is using these drivers and can give me a jump start. I am located in NY and my client and the hardware (MX100) are located 5 or 600 miles away in Toronto so I have no access to try anything out. We are working with LabVIEW 2011 / Windows7. My client is running LV executables via the runtime engine. I built the "getting Started" example and it runs fine (in Toronto) so that is good for starters. The example has a scaler numeric input for channel number (not a string or array). All I want to do is scan 19 channels once every 2 seconds - all scaling and display/storage I will handle in LabVIEW. I have tried enclosing the central DAQ code in a FOR loop and feeding an array of channel numbers but my client reports that this is not working. I have considered replacing the stop button with a hardwired TRUE constant forcing the example to take a single reading, and calling the entire example 19 times but that seems REALLY inefficient. Yokogawa's documentation and nomenclature both stink. If I had the equipment in front of me I could sort this out eventually but that is not the case. Is anybody out there doing a single scan of multiple channels with this driver? Some insight would be greatly appreciated.




Lawrence M. David Jr.
Certified LabVIEW Architect
cell: 516.819.9711
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Hello, lmd2
i am new to labview and currently trying to learn and make a sample program for this device, i know this is an old post and i am sorry for any inconvinience beforehand. 
i have the the same problem, my client needs to read measurement from each channel they enabled every 6 second. since fifo data vi doesnt have 6 second read interval, so i need to check which channel he enabled and read the measurement, what i have tried is to use 3 of the get channel data example to read 3 different channel but when i probe the measurement data for e.g channel 1 it should give me array of single data for that channel only but in my case it gives array of multiple data of same value (possibly duplicate of channel 1 data), and same for the other 2 channel. i wonder if you have solved this ? is this possible with the drivers or u need to edit it?

Any advice / help would be appreciated


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Hello,I have the same program ,what i need is 60CH temp DAQ,but i dont no how to acquire all the 60CH in one cycle, help!!!

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did you find the solution about how to read values of multiple channels about MX100?

i have searched MX100 drivers from NI server, i am not sure which one worked, my idea is building a for loop, read each channel , but it runs slowly.

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Download from NI instrument driver network:

Yokogawa MX100 



George Zou
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i have download MX100  already.

it supplys examples about how to get value of one channel,however i could not find how

 to read multiple channel values, i have searched “configure” VI documents, i could not confirm which one could configurate channel numbers,because The VI show Channel number is single number

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