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XY Graph: limiting and displaying data

I'm building an application with multiple XY Graph (the x_axis "delta x" change between iterations) and have doubts about an optimized way to limit the "array_size" and displaying data.


Take the following code as example:

XY Graph ExampleXY Graph Example


  1. I'm using one In Place Element Structure (IPE) to limit the array_size. Without this the LabVIEW could close with RAM Memory error
    The array size depends of the CPU configuration
    With large size array, the processor goes to 30% or more. Is there a way to reduce the CPU usage?
    (note: my real application have PLC with OPC-UA, the loop updates between 5-250 ms, depending on the machine. Each one have a computer running the LabVIEW VI)
  2. The second IPE serves as a data_visualize: the operator sets the number of points he desires to see.
    Sometimes he wants to focus in the last data, sometimes a big time window is needed, etc.
    But this IPE have a failure: the "Pause graph" boolean doesn't work, when the operator changes the value of "Points to visualize" with "Pause graph? = TRUE", the XY Graph does not change
    Is there a better way to implement this "Points to visualize..." function?
  3. The boolean "Erase data" will be used to erase the data. I think this is the best way to clear a "live update xy_graph", right?
    (note: currently right click "Clear graph" does not work...)
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Waveform Chart would be doing the same thing in an efficient way, why not use a waveform chart instead and use a property node to set history length and also erase history?


Edit: Missed that you're talking of "XY Graph" and not a regular Graph, please ignore my comment.

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