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XY Graph Multiple Channel

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Im trying to plot time in the X axis and a 1-D array in the Y axis. When i probe the values from the wire connecting the XY Graph, i see the values, as perfect as i need them. But i dont see the values on the graph.

Im able to do the same with a waveform chart, but an XY graph gives me some more flexibility and advantages...




Thank you,

Gokul Krishna S

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I don't have LV2011 so I can't look at your code (if you save for 2010 I will), but check if your XY Graph is set to Autoscale on the X axis.

Also the X axis should be set to absolute time.


Also check the XY Graph help - the examples show the different data types that you can use.




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Accepted by topic author Eureka

Hi Eureka,


There's a subVI you did not attach with that VI, and I cannot run it.

Part of your problem is that your x-axis has a single value rather than an array of values.  If you right click on your chart and go to Properties, then navigate tot he Plots tab, you can change the marker displays.  If you make it something larger than a single pixel, you should be able to see it on the display.

Please also take a look at this community example on making XY graphs.





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National Instruments
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I attached the sub-VI...its the read function for Agilent 34970-A.

And, i found the marker function in Create>>Property Node>>X Scale>>Marker. It doesnt seem to help me solve the problem...




Thank you,


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I figured what the problem was and was able to fix it...

The i/p for the X axis is the time in seconds, from the Elapsed Time...i did not convert it to an array and then to Dynamic Data type...this simple one was giving me a hard time...

Thank you very much for your tips...




Thank you,


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Seems to me that the solution was given by Lisa.
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I apologize for this mistake, only after reading your response, i was prompted to take a closer look at Lisa's response.

When i read Lisa's response for the 1st time, i directly juped into the highlighted link and i did not read the entire text carefully.

Even though i figured out the problem and fixed, technically, Lisa pointed it out and i did not notice it.

I will immediately change the "mark as solution".

Once again, i am really sorry about this, and it was not in my best intention.




Thank you,


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