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Writing time stamp to file

Take a look at the attached pic.
Okay, now how can I have the time stamp written to the file along with the other data?
It should be an easy thing but I can't make it work.

Any comments will be helpful.

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A timestamp in not a signal data type so you can't use the merge signals. This is how I would do it. The convert to dynamic data type is probably optional. I hardly ever work with that.

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Hi Dennis,
I tried your method but it does not seem to work. The spreadsheet file only has Y input data, no time stamp.
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It works for me.

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Oh i'm sorry I didn't fully explain the situation. I would like the time stamp to show up as shown in the attached pic.


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First, you should add the dt to the waveform data if it's going to make any sense at all. Then you can modify the Express VI or use one of the other functions such as Export Waveforms to Spreadsheet File or the regular Write to Spreadsheet File. If you use the regular Write to Spreadsheet File, you'll have to build an array of timestamps like with WDT Get Waveform Time Array and convert both the timestamps and data to strings. Look at the diagram of Export Waveform to Spreadsheet File. That's a lot easier to modify than the Express VI.
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