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Write to text file. EOL what does it do? Documentation bug


I have code that takes the output from Arry to Spreedsheet string ie it has the /n/r and then write out to the file using write string.


THis code has run unaltered since LV6


Now in LV2010 the EOL characters are lost!  not written in the text file

The Convert EOL is not set - never has been.

I ddi chekc the strong that was written all the way down to the lowest level vi and the EOL chars are there, but don't get written to the file.


I guess I need to file a bug report.


Running on Windows XP



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Testing by setting Convert EOL = true
Does not do anything, I still loose my EOL chars in the write text.
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So now it is clear that the EOL is being dropped on the write to text using the Write to Text File vi


No matter what I did; adding \n \r in many combinations and also the plateform independent EOL Constant or both I always lose the EOL chars at the end of the write string


My work around was to add a EOL to the beginning of the write string, not always possible to use this work around but in this particular part of my code I could.


So can this be considered to be flagged as a lv2010 BUG?



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This behaviour clarifiied and understood in this thread:




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