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Write to CSV or excel file


using labview 2014,

trying to get data automatically in excel or CSV format but not getting the proper code, or insufficient knowledge of labview.

as shown in image below.Saving Data in CSV.png


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What exactly is incorrect when you actually use Write to Measurement File or Write to Spreadsheet File?

I would strongly suggest you get rid of the evil dynamic data. It's impossible to say what the underlying data is from your image.
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You say you tried to use Write to Spreadsheat file. This is the easiest way to do it. Convert your data all to DBLs or all to strings and write it to file that way. If you've tried this already, share that code.

Here's an example.


Edit: Dennis, I assume his dynamic data is numeric since he wrote a numeric value in the table under PV.


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Looking closer at the partial image, it's also clear that there is no timestamp that could be written. The table is meaningless for that.
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Thanks for the reply.

* I just want that data from chart to be saved, even if the operator forgot to save the data by right click on chart.

* with respect to time on x axix, as attached one CSV file.

* if possible time stamp which can provide the fault occurance tme and date  if any on system. (not so important at this stage)

attached vi for reference.

Got error with dynamic data connection.....


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Tried, but couldnt manage to get.

please suggest.


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Your two loops are not allowed to run in parallel due to the data dependancy between then.  Look at the Producer/Consumer.

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