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Working with multiple channels

I am writnig a vi in which I acquire data from a force torque tranducer who has 6 channels (ai0,ai1,ai2,ai3,ai4,ai5 for Fx,Fy,Fz,Tx,Ty,Tz respectively)
what I see in the text file which I create is a matrix with 5000 rows (I took 500 samples) and 6 columns - 1 for each channel.
I wish to be able to create an additional signal who has the RMS value of the 6 channels and to write the signal's data into a new file - who will be accordingly a vector of 5000 rows.
what is the easyiest way to do so???
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Hey Lavi,

I'm assuming you have this all within a while loop and a timing factor of some sort which acquires the data at set intervals.  One way you could do this is creating another loop that reads the data from the files after the data is written to the file and then do the combination of data that you need to within the new loop.  Once you have the additional signal with the RMS value of the six channels you can save it to a new file all on its own.

I recently did something of this nature.  I had a 5 channel board reading a light sensor for red, blue, green, cyan, and yellow light.  Once I had the individual voltage levels I had to do a combination voltage reading afterward and save it to a text file.  It's actually quite simple when you break it down step by step..

Best of luck

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