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Wiring RS in NI9237 into bridge sensors

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Page 8 in the Opearting Instructions of NI 9237 Module say the following ''When you connect a full bridge, you must connect the AI+ and
AI–, EX+ and EX–, and RS+ and RS– signals. But The sensor that I want to use is the following sensor from Omega:

PX309-200GV It comes attached to a cable as in the picture below.

The type that I want to use is the mv/v type because it is bridge type which I want to use.

If you look to the specifications cataloge of this sensor  (specifically look to the wiring method), see pictures below

sensor wires2.png








you can see that the sensor hase four wires (two for Excitation and TWO for AI) but I dont see any wires for RS.

Am I still able to use this sensor? I want to add that the NI9237 module will be connected to Compact DAQ 9184 Ethernet chassis

Please help

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Connect the Output leads to AI+ and - and to RS+ and - at the same time.


RS is Remote Sense which can give increased accuracy for devices that have 6 wires.  The remote sense wires are in parallel to the output wires, so you basically just need to wire the analog inputs in parallel to the remote sense inputs.

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Thank you for you quick help. I have one more question: If I want to choose the NI9237 (DSUB Version) to connect it to this transucer, is the NI 9949 - RJ50 to screw terminal adaptor accessory the only part I need to purchase? 

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