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Window too large

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Not sure if this is a TestStand or LabVIEW question, I know a little LabVIEW and I am trying to learn TestStand on the job. I tend to think it is Labview as TestStand seems to be "an executer of vi's". I inherited a Teststand/LabVIEW project and the first (and probably some others) window is too large for my labtop screen. The stop and continue buttons of the Enter Serial Number vi are off the bottom of the screen. Is there a global fit to screen functionality or must it be done vi by vi? The vi page setup allows inches and cm but would rather have an autofit or percentage sizing.
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Style Guide

section 6 discusses this briefly (and its always a good read)

Edit the offending VI. Properties>Window size> Check Maintain proportions for variousmonitor resolutions winsz.PNG

A very necessary step when you use different monitors for your projects.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Accepted by topic author jvh75021

Hello jh,


Do you get the right behavior after changing this setting?

National Instruments
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No, it works OK on big monitors but not on a 15 inch laptop.



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