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Why is this graph not showing any data?

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I'm working on a subvi, "scale" that I will use to control displays in a larger application. I have attached it along with another vi, "scale graph" which I intended to use as a unit test, but I can't seem to get it working. I don't understand why the graph in the test vi will not show the data that is clearly present in the waveform. How can I fix it?


Any help will be appreciated.

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Sorry, I wanted to take a look at it but we haven't upgraded to 2018 yet, could you resend but in 2017 or earlier?  

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Sure. Let me know if these work:

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Accepted by topic author duwaar

Right click inside the graph and de-select "ignore time stamp". It looks like you still have some work to do on your "x track" code but this will get you closer.

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