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Why does trigger PFI 0 not work?

I have a problem. I have two PXI-6123 cards, with which I want to aquire data after a digital trigger has occured. On both cards PFI 0 doesn't work. As well I have tried 2 different connection methods on each card. Via SCB-68 and TB-2709.  So I think there's no hardware problem. On the SCb-68 the triggers PFI1-9 are working.
Is there another possible reason why I can't trigger with the PFI 0?
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I have runned into a similiar problem. Did you set the external signal to a Reference trigger. This will send a signal out when the trigger fires. There are other events you need to be careful as the description in general is not very good.

Another item to watch is to see if the cable is labeled is correct. The NI cable had the labes swapped around. It was coming out on PFI 1 instead of 0.

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Maybe the problem is in your code.  You should post it here.  Also, you can put a scope on the PFI0 line on the SC68 and see if the trigger pulse is present.  I've used PFI0 for triggering in the recent past with good results.
- tbob

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