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Where to find a list of all error codes? (-200552)

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I am trying to decipher an error code of -200552. I am having trouble searching for a list of error codes or a breakdown of the code syntax.


Please point me to a document that has all the error codes..


cDAQ with  RealTime Linux running LabVIEW VI.  
Code -200552

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I do not know if there is a comprehensive list, but if it is a pre-defined error, you can use the simple error handler to get the error text. Within it is buried the Error Code You can find it at vi.lib\Utility\error.llb\Error Code




In your case the error text is "Specified string is not valid, because it contains an invalid character."

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Thank for that code call out.    I found a comma in a name that it did not like.


I dont have access to the VI or RT.   We only spend the $3K for suspirations when we have to do major changes. So a list would be great to have.

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Accepted by topic author Ezzell

Hi Ezzel,


Error Codes (LabVIEW Wiki)

NI-DAQmx Driver Error Codes (NI)


Also, searching something on Google starting with "-" (minus) won't work because it is a special syntax to exclude a specific word from your search.




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Thank you!

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