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What is NI Service Locator and why can't I open an example without it running?

Trying to open an example for an Agilent Network Analyzer I get this message. 


I am pretty sure I have opened an example once or twice in the 10+ years I have been programming in LabVIEW but I have never ran into this error.

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I'd start here.

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Check the service NI Service Locator. It must be running.


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To answer the second part of the Question, the LabVIEW Example Finder uses a local TCP/IP connection to the NI Service Locator to implement this process, so if the NI Service Locator isn't running, the Example Finder cannot run.  If you can manually restart this Service (and the Web Service, if necessary) using the previous suggestions, this should fix things.  Otherwise, I smell a LabVIEW Repair or Uninstall/Reinstall cycle.


Bob Schor

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