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What GPIB drivers should I use for LabVIEW 2010?

Does anyone know?


Will NI 488.2 2024 Q1 work for me located here?

Should I use NI VISA 5.4

Release Date Aug/05/2013


Thank you

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As per this article you will need the following compatible version of 488.2 and VISA drivers,







Soliton Technologies

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Something may be wrong with my drivers, but I have correct drivers for both NI 488.2 and NI-VISA as per your pictures

I have a different laptop with LabVIEW 8.5 on it, with different versions of NI 488.2 and NI-VISA. It works when I run a certain command, via GPIB Write function.

When I run the exact same command, with the same GPIB Address, and same GPIB cable, it does not work 


Error 0 occurred at GPIB Write in Untitled 1


Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW: Error connecting to GPIB driver or device.
NI-488: Error connecting to driver or device.
VISA: (Hex 0x0) Operation completed successfully.

EDIT: When I run MAX, I am able to 'scan for instruments' and it is able to retrieve the *IDN? of the device.

But in my VI, I am not able to do the same with GPIB write and GPIB read.


In fact even using the built-in LabVIEW GPIB VI example it immediately gives the same error, but yet it works with NI-MAX?

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Everything works now after restarting my laptop. Thanks

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