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Webservices error 413

Hello all,

I seem to be having an issue with my web service.  I am trying to add some static files and they are going beyond the current limit acceptable for transfer and I am getting the error 413 when deploying the service.  The web service is on a cRIO and I have tried the fix found in this article, to no avail.  My NIWebAppServer.conf file under /ni-rt/system/webserver looks like


# NI Web Application server configuration file.
# Global Directives
LoadModulePath ".:./..:./modules"

LoadModule niConfModule mod_niconf
NI.Conf.LoadINI NIWebAppServer.ini

LoadModule niSessionManagerModule mod_nisessmgr
LoadModule niAuthModule mod_niauth
LoadModule EspModule mod_niesp
LoadModule WSRuntime mod_niws

<NI.Conf.IfAnyHost SSLEnabled>
  LoadModule niSslInitModule mod_nissl
  LoadModule sslModule mod_ssl


# Directives that apply to the default server
NI.ServerName "NI Application Web Server"
InactivityTimeout 60
LimitRequestBody 200000000
LimitRequestForm 10000000
LimitUrl 1024
ThreadStack 64K
WorkerLimit 10

DocumentRoot "./../www"
TypesConfig mime.types

# Pipeline Definition
SetConnector netConnector

AddHandler niAuthHandler
AddHandler WSRuntime
AddHandler fileHandler ""

AddOutputFilter chunkFilter

  <NI.Conf.IfCurrentHost SSLEnabled>
    SSLEngine on
    SSLProtocol all -SSLv2 -SSLv3

  NI.WSRuntime.Configuration user

The current LimitRequestBody is set to 200 MB.  I had it set to 2 GB and this didn't work so I thought maybe the limit was too high.  Anyone have any suggestions?  What am I missing?

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From that article it looks like 2GB is the limit. Do you know how big the file is that you are transferring?


Matthew C


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I am not trying to transfer a file.  I am trying to add static content to the web service.  The total amount of the content is currently < 100 MB.

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