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Webservice call in LabVIEW-DLL

All of the DLLs involved? Your secondary DLL may reference even other DLLs! Also were these tests all done on the same computer? You could be running into troubles that some computers do not have the necessary C runtime support installed.


And the Windows search paths don't automatically come into play if you define a full path to the DLL in either the Call Library Node or in your CVI source code. If you place DLLs in the standard search locations (either manually or by including them as always included in the project build settings) it's better to just define the DLL name and let Windows do the locating of the DLLs.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Yes, all test were done on the same computer.

Ok... so is it necessary to specify the DLL within the build specs in the lvproj? I haven't done this until now.

In my VIs I don't have a call library function node anywhere, so I'm unable to specify either a relative or an absolute path. The DLL is referenced in the first constructor node (Open Web Service GET_DETAIL). No idea whether relative or absolute... So what might be de best way to solve this?

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