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Webrequest.proxy = NULL

I write this peace of code that implement an HTTP GET to a thrdy part Web Service.

It works and result are correct even if comparing performance with the same URL called thru POSTMAN there are big difference.

My code 3500 msec and POSTMAN 350 msec. Searching on GOOGLE I found that is a typical issue when using .NET HTTP method without specifying PROXY.

I also try to find a way to implement  Webrequest.proxy = NULL but unsuccessfully.

On my PC there is a pac file that route to the correct proxy but I'm not able to figure out how to call trhu .NET using Labview.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.



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 Hi Golzio,


Here there are two link to forum discussions that you may can find interesting:

Http through proxy connection


Can LabVIEW access an HTTPS site behind a proxy?


And this one for Proxy conflict when using Web services:

"Couldn’t Resolve Proxy Name" Conflict When Using Web Services


I hope this could be helpful for you.


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