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View/Control web server application issues

I'm having trouble posting to the forum so I'm only writing a brief note and then if this works I'll edit it with more details.


Basically I'm having trouble accessing a web page generated by the Web Server settings tool in Labview 2015. I have the relevant RTEs etc installed as far as I know and when I view the page from the local machine I get exactly what I expect. When I view it from a different client, I just get a weird black rectangle in one corner of the frame. Does anyone know why?



EDIT: Ok as promised...


The server is running on a Windows 7 machine, and the VI is just a VI created with Labview 2015, not an executable. The client machine has Run-Time 2015 installed (as well as 2016, 2017 and a few others). I've checked the access permissions don't block the IP from which I'm trying to get to the server. It's annoying that there isn't actually an error message associated with this failure as it seems a bit hard to debug!

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Unfortunately as you've noticed it's pretty hard to debug these issues!


A couple of suggestions for you to try:


1. You can use Ctrl + S to save the webpage as a file and open it up to see if your code has been transferred correctly.

2. Ensure that in web service properties > HTTP Method VI Settings > Output Type you select Stream as the option, rather than Terminal.

3. You can look at some of the included LabVIEW examples that use webservices to check what you've done. If you can't get your working this way, perhaps try using an example as a base to build upon.


Best of Luck!



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