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Video transport stream .ts file format

I would like to know if anyone played with .ts files...

I have an .H264 stream from IP camera and I would like to save it as .ts file.

Tools like VLC, GStreamer, FFMPEG and such are great, but I was wondering if anyone done it directly in LabVIEW.


Streaming .H264 format into file directly works, and I can play and re-convert it with program mentioned above, but I would like to check if it can be done in LabVIEW (no 3-rd party) and can be played back with windows media player directly.



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Hello Artur,


TS is not an officially supported file type for NI Vision. You can compress an AVI file, though, as shown by this KB, but it sounds like you specifically need a TS file type. There may be ways to get around the "supported" file types, but I have not personally seen them.


-Erik S 

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Its Ok,

I will post solution later, just checking if someone did that (I heard NI has system for video capture with output as .ts, was wondering if it was available) ...


Comment on NI Vision:

Stream is already compressed, just need to to be dump into file.

To make frames available for NI Vision, you just need to extract them with H264 decoder (libavcodec, or like) and pass to Vision for analysis. Not for re-compressing, other better tools available for that.



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