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VME interrupt in LabView

I found VIC.exe. I tried in the interrupt section to see my interrupts but don't succeed. I select Default Controller, then Go but nothing happens when I generate the interrupt with my VME module (if I'm doing it, don't know). Should I look at a different section or do other selections?
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Unfortunately I am operating off of memory right now - I don't have any equipment around me.

I would recommend reading through the manuals regarding configuring the VME devices in MAX (I am assuming you are on Windows). I believe you can also assert an interrupt manually with the VME-MXI-2 so you can do that to make sure that your monitor is showing the correct state.

BTW - What version of NI-VXI did you get with it? Also, what is on the other end of the VME-MXI-2? Are you using a PCI-MXI-2 or is this a chassis extender? If so, what is the Slot0 controller?
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O.K. I'll take a look at the manuals in order to try to generate an interrupt with the VME-MXI-2.

My NI-VXI version is 3.3.0. At the end of the VME-MXI-2 there is a PCI-MXI-2 installed in the computer. The slot 0 controller is the VME-MXI-2 (that's my understanding).
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When you added your VME device in the Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) did you add an Interrupt Level for your device? It is possible if you forgot to add an Interrupt Level resource for your device. I would go through the create new VME device wizard again in MAX and double check all of your settings.

Shawn B.
National Instruments
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Hi Shawn,

Sorry, I was in a conference last week and couldn't reply you.
I went to MAX and try to investigate the configuration of my VME device. In the configuration tree I found my VME device (VXI::256::INSTR(V513)), I went to properties and found General, VME and Resources. There is nothing related to the VME interrupt in these sections. Could you please help me to find the part for the VME interrupt level?

Many thanks, Pilar
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i want to know how interrupt can be handle in vme......

i am using v2718 and the labrary provided by caen.

speciffically i want to know how ISR is writen.

If some one had used this controller may have idea of function provided by caen such as CAENVME_IRQWAIT ,CAENVME_IRQENABLE,CAENVME_IRQCHECK and so on.....

In this thing irq wait function is able to detect the interrupt but this function is written in mail function,which eats by cpu timing.

The only thing i want to know is how can i write ISR with out any help from Main function.


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