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VIPM remove block diagram

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I have a VIPM package which I want to distribute to the customer. I am required to remove block diagram of source files. This is not a native feature of VIPM. As I understand from it should be possible to do this with a post - build VI. However, I don´t know how such a VI should look. Can anyone give me an example of such VI, or perhaps suggest another workaround?

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The discussion you link to is quite old.

I think the best place to ask question about VIPM is JKI forum :


What version of VIPM do you have?

Do you have a pro version or a free version?


I have the lastest version but in free edition, so when I try to generate a pre-build vi, I have a pop-up message telling me this feature requires a pro version :

Annotation 2019-11-06 100233.png

If you do have a pro version, I guess what you have to add to the pre-build VI is something like that :

Annotation 2019-11-06 101847.png

If you have a free version... create a utility VI that can save all your VIs with / without diagram and run it before building your package.


Good luck to you

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If you don't have the pro version the you could run some VI that removes block diagrams before the build, but then you may have the problem of having no more block diagrams in the source to your build.  So be sure and back it up before doing this, as you can't undo removing the block diagram.


Alternatively you could have it be part of the Post Install VI which could remove the block diagrams after the package is installed.  This of course would mean the block diagrams are in the VIs when it is in the package but won't touch the package source when building.

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