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Using niDigital "Source Waveform" VI's

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I am attempting to use the niDigital "Create Source Waveform" and "Write Source Waveform" VI's but do not understand what the Pin list and site list inputs have to look like.


-Are these different from the .pinmap files?


-What format do the VI's expect? Just a string of pins (or sites) as they are named in the digital pattern editor separated by commas or something else?


-After these VI's are executed how is the burst triggered? Do you have to use the "Burst Pattern VI" or the low-level "Initiate VI", or something else?


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I believe this post would get more relevant visibility if it were posted in the PXI forum:


With that being said:


Create Source Waveform: 


pin list specifies the source pins for the waveform. The pin list must match the source pins in the pattern that references the waveform.  (so these are the pins defined in the pinmap file.  This should be a string of the pins separated by commas.) The pin order in the pin list determines the bit positions of the data written by the niDigital Write Source Waveform VI.


Write Source Waveform:


site list lists site numbers as a comma-delimited list of strings of form "siteN," where N is the site number.


Bursting a Pattern:


You can use either VI to burst a pattern.  You can configure the triggering type with the "niDigital Configure Trigger (VI)".  If a trigger is configured, the pattern will wait to burst until the trigger condition is met.  If the trigger is disabled, calling the initiate or burst pattern vis will immediately start the burst.




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