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Using WPF controls in LabVIEW



I have requirement of using WPF controls as per requirement from a customer. I am able to use basic Windows Forms controls by using .NET Container. But i have no trace on using WPF controls.


Can someone suggest me a method for that purpose. Thanks in advanced.

A vi with method will be more convenient for me.

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There isn't a straightforward way. WPF as one of the umtienth Microsoft GUI frameworks is already out of favor again and going to be soon replaced by the next even greater GUI framework to be replaced soon thereafter. As such the chance that LabVIEW ever is gonna support that directly is about below 0%.


So it pretty much comes down to this customer wish of yours. How set are they that it has to be this specific WPF control? If there is no negotiation room about that and you can't give that project back you are in really deep shit! 😀


The only two approaches I see are:


- Wrap the WPF control into a .Net Container. I would expect that to be a major project in itself although both technologies are from Microsoft

- Create a WPF host application for that WPF control and embed it in LabVIEW as Windows child window. This is definitely doable but a hell of a lot of work and you are into the deep bellies of Windows API calls and to learn about Windows window handling that you never cared to know about.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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