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Using LabVIEW Python Integration with Python x64 LabVIEW x32

I would like to integrate Python with LabVIEW for a VI, but I am running x64 python and x32 LabVIEW. I am currently using community version and cannot upgrade, so as far as I know, x32 is the only option. If I download x32 python, would the libraries that I downloaded with x64 Python pip (such as numpy) still work? Specifically, would the python program work and would the LabVIEW program work? Would I have to redownload these libraries with x32 (And if so, how would that work)? Additionally, I was reading the documentation and saw marshalling for arrays, and was wondering what it means for something to be marshalled to a List or Tuple, and what the implications of that are? Additionally, I was wondering the data needs of this. Would it be feasable to call a python program on a loop for, say, hours straight if the program runs in O(n) on 16 GB of RAM with AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U? 



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Numpy is also as 32-bit available so that would work. But it depends on other libraries you may use. As long as they are stock Python libraries they should be either native libraries or have both 32-bit and 64-bit support libraries available. With 3rd party libraries or custom made libraries interfacing to particular dlls, things might be getting complicated pretty fast.


If all else breaks and you don’t need interactive Python execution you also always could invoke the Python script through SystemExec itself. That works too, even across environment boundaries.

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