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Using GPIB of Keithley

@yogesh10994 wrote:

I am using SR830 Model Lock-in-Amplifier. I have its manual with the list of commands. The LabVIEW VI that I made interacts perfectly with the Lock-in-Amplifier provided I use NI GPIB cable.... But using Agilents GPIB cable it gives GPIB error code 7 (after enabling the tulip in ni passport).....


I want to know what changes do I need to make in the screenshot (which works OK with NI GPIB) that I could use Agilent USB\GPIB converter

You need to use VISA functions in LabVIEW. The VISA Tulip passport is a VISA driver that translates the HP/Keysight interface API into a NI-VISA compatible API. The NI-488 driver is a lower level driver that only works with NI GPIB interfaces!

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