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"To see where they live on disc either A) switch to the files view (see the Items and Files tabs?) Or B) Show full paths of project items from the View menu (or is it under Project? I can't recall) and a vertical splitter will show in the items view with the full path of each item."

I've done this and can clearly see where the project is loading them from. 2 different what I call driver folders on the network but they both hold the same things, mostly. I have saved certain sub vi's with project related names on them so this works but I'd rather just have project related folders and be able to import them into the project.
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Possibly because I don't have much imagination, but I tend to organize my Project in disk folders under a Top Level folder that has the name of the Project.  I usually have a Folder called Sub-VIs, one called Types, maybe one called Tests (with possibly sub-folders called "Sub-VIs" and "Types"), maybe one called "Globals", certainly one called "Documentation", one called "Resources" (where the Icons for Builds are stored), and, of course, "Data".  And if it's a LabVIEW Real-Time Project, there's a "Target" folder, with "Sub-VIs", "Types", etc.  


Populating the Folder is simple -- turn on (briefly!) "AutoPopulate" (I think it is called), and then turn it off.  There's also a File option in the Project Explorer, but I never quite got the hang of using it, so I mainly try to avoid going there.


Needless to say, each Project gets its own Subversion Repository ...


Bob Schor



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I'm currently too busy to address these items. When I have more time I'll try these ideas and get back to this thread. Thanks

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