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Upgrading LabVIEW code from 8.6 to 2020

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Hi Kevin,


The device used is the NI-6535 (PXIe).

As for the signals :

    -  ACK is the signal used when the DAQ is ready to pull data

    -  REQ is the signal used by an external device to request signal pulling


The 8255 handshake is described as the screenshots attached (As I am not really good at explaining).


I also tried doing it in daqmx however it still doesn't seem right to me...


Thanks for your attention 🙂


Your humble LabVIEW enthusiast



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The basic *form* of your code looks about right in terms of how to configure a task to either control or react to PFI lines as part of its run-time behavior.


I can't comment on the full *content* as I haven't implemented handshake-based DIO tasks before and am not familiar with the conventions.  I'm a little surprised that pretty much all the same properties are being set for the Input task as for the Output task.  I'd have expected there to be more output-only or input-only properties to configure.  But that's not really based on anything.


Hopefully someone else with more familiarity will join in...



-Kevin P

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