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Hello to everyone


I am using a remote pannel through the web publishing tool. I have two problems

1. I want to control my application through a joystick connected in the client computer. But my application is expecting the joystick to be connected in the server. How do I program my application so that it can be controlled by a joysick that is connected in the client?

2. I am reading my usb webcam Dlink C120. I have no trouble with my application in my computer(server) but when I want to see it through a client computer, It asks me for a pluging that doesn't download. ¿Does anybody know what plugin is?

Thanks for reading and writing your answers, hope you answer as soon as possible because it is very urgent!!!!!!!!



Best Regards to everyone,


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Accepted by topic author LeninFE



1- Unfortunately it will not be possible to control your remote panel with a joystick. When using remote panels, all execution happens on the server side not on the client. This means that your joystick VIs execute and read the joystick events on the server computer. The only workaround that I (along with the owner of the joystick VIs) could think of was to modify and distribute your VI as a built executable instead of a remote panel.


2- If you are viewing your camera output using the IMAQ control then it should show up in your remote panel by means of another plugin. You should be prompted to download this plugin in IE or Firefox. If you are using the IMAQ control AND you are viewing your remote panel in IE or Firefox on Windows AND the plugin is not being installed then this is a bug that should be reported. In the mean time the IMAQ control browser plugin can be found here:


Let us know if you have any more questions.



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Thanks Nathan,


your support will save me hours. I was reading that there is a VI server which permits to control front panels through the network the same as in the local computer. Do you think it could be used


Thinking about your answer makes me think that a possible solution would be the communication between 2 Labview applications, one for client and one for server. And of course the client VI, I think would only have to read the Joystick, because I don't need it to do anymore than that. Do you think this could work?


Thanks in Advance Nathan.....



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LeninFE wrote:

Thinking about your answer makes me think that a possible solution would be the communication between 2 Labview applications, one for client and one for server.


That's how I would do it.


"And of course the client VI, I think would only have to read the Joystick, because I don't need it to do anymore than that."


You would still need to display the UI somehow on the client side. If you were still planning on using remote panels for that task you might be able to simplify things by using the "Remote Panel: Open Connection To Server" invoke node. This would allow you to open the remote panel from your client VI without needing a web browser.



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Hi Nathan,

Thanks for all your help and time. I feel sorry for the question I am going to make... I didn't understand what you meant with UI. Please apologize my ignorance.


Another question. Can the application in the client run without the need of Labview? Besides the run times what else would I need?


Thanks Nathan,



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Don't worry about it. I apologize for using an acronym without properly defining it.

UI=User Interface, the front end of your client application.


In order for the client application to run without installing the LabVIEW development environment you can build your client VI into an executable. The executable will require the LabVIEW run time engine but not the full dev environment. Building exes requires a Pro license of LabVIEW.



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Thanks Nathan


Now I got it. But just one last question, I was checking some about the invoke node property, because it is very new stuff for me, and I come to an example that uses somehow shared variables and data sockets through a client and server vi, the example is named shared variable client- server, so I come to this question could shared variables and sockets be used to read the joystick in the client application and send it to server? Because my hardware will be only connected to the server computer.


And just one more question where can I find more info about data sockets shared variables and property nodes. I haven't used much, so they are kind of strange to me....


Thanks in advanced for all your support Nathan



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There are several ways that you could connect your server and client. Shared variables would be good to research.

I will leave it to our proficient support engineers to tell you where documentation on data communication can be found.


Good luck with your project.



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Thank you very much Nathan....I'll give it a try


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You can find some useful examples for communication using the Example Finder, which can be found in LabVIEW from the Help >> Find Examples menu. Once the Example Finder opens you can find TCP and Shared Variable examples under Networking >> TCP & UDP and Fundamentals >> Shared Variables respectively. These should cover how to set up a two application server-client communication. Hope this helps!


Andy F. 

National Instruments
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