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USB to Serial - Silicon Labs - temperature - speed engine

I have a problem for my thesis. I have previously worked with Labview but not the visa function.
I have read here many topics on the forum but i can not solve my problem. I have found example programs, etc.. I have to measure the temperature and speed of an engine. As temperature sensor I am using a LM35 (NTC : 10mV/°C) and for the speed an inductive sensor (see the attachemants : photo's)
The engine is controlled with a special ECU, and the ECU is connected with the computer (USB-Serial convertor) (see photo). And I have never worked with a Usb-serial convertor i have no experiance at school the students can't also help me. 
For the USB-serial convertor, I am using the Silicon Lab 210x software .  When I check the Device Manager I see the following port : Silicon 210x USB to UART (COM3) so the software makes a virtual com port of an USB .
I have tried a lot of examples which i found it here in the forum and in Labview self bu no one of them is good (working not correctly).
I am also not so good at ICT( bits, bytes, hex,commands....) .
My question is can someone write me a program or help me!  I have no much time , i can't begin with the testing of the engine , i have waste much time to collect information about visa - usb serial convertors but i don't understand it good!
i have used the next website : but the program is also not working good somethimes i get error somethimes a number! - For the speed of the engine i don't what i have to measure!
To measure the speed on the engine is a gear with 60 teeths , two of them are removed ! (see photo)
Can anyone help me please it is very important, otherwise i can't begin with testing of engine!!
Thank you ( I am waiting for yours answers)
Please help!
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It seems like you left out the most important information. An image of this ECU does not tell anyone how it is sending data. You've also picked a very bad example in that Ontrack seb site. That is very old and obsolete (and not well written in the first place).


There are shipping examples on serial communication and in order to help you, you need to provide details on the ECU communication protocol and if you get an error, provide the error number that you get. This is also essential information.


If you can get the communication to work in Hyperterminal, then you should have no problem with LabVIEW. That is probably the best place for you to start instead of flailing around trying to write a program from scratch. You can verify you have the correct serial cable and the correct com settings.

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I have never used Hyperterminal ; I can give you more information about the ECU :

It's a LPC2103 ARM Processor . frequency : 10MHz the processor works with 32bits ; Baud rate 38400; com3


that's all .

tomorrow i will send also a printscreen of the test which i made in MAX (com3=>open visa test panel)



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The type of processor, the processor frequency, and the number of bits is irrelevant and the test panel probably won't be of much help either. What is important is how the processor is formatting the serial data and what (if anything) you need to send to the serial port to initiate communication. If you don't have that information, it will be difficult to do anything. Do you have an electronic copy of the ECU datasheet that explains the serial protocol. Either attach that or provide a link.
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i have only this documents ; if its not good can you find it from web? as i said i am not so good in elektronics etc...

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The .doc file would need to be translated and it seems to describe an application program from the vendor, but I don't see anything in there that refers to RS-232. The spec on the micro is useless. It's the people that designed and built the ECU that used the micro and it's their firmware that decides how the serial port is used. Where did you get the information on the baud rate? You really need a document that explains how to use the ECU with a third party application (that would be LabVIEW).


Sorry, but I don't see any information that can provide any details for someone to help you. Maybe you'll get lucky though and someone who has used this particular ECU will see your post.



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