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USB-6341 and Temperature Measurement

Has anyone been able to measure temperature using thermocouples connected to the USB 6341?  I have been told the unit does not have CJC,  which is surprising to me.  From what i see, there exists significant thermal variation when measuring temp with ta 6341.  Has anyone come up with a method of using a thermocouple or RTD with a 6341 to measure temp?




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I use the USB  6251 and 6351 to measure thermocouples all the time.  There is the issue of the dissimilar metals at the device terminals adding to the measurement so you have to keep the box iso-thermal but that's not a big problem if you're careful.  I usually just set the CJC to CONSTANT (25C) but you can dedicate an extra TC to compensation and stick it in a cup of ice water to get better accuracy.  You still may not get the accuracy of dedicated TC interfaces but it's good to a degreeC or so and does very well indicating the relative difference between two channels.  Wire up a couple TCs and test it out in your own lab before you trust anything though.  Environmental noise can be problematic, especially with long wire runs.

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