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Trouble Serial Modbus Ascii Apps

Hello Every one,

I am developping a new soft under labview to recived some data from Precia Mollen balance. Those balances are really old and i found a communication protocols in old documentation. 

I have tried the NI modbus library and the serial communication, but i don't understand how to setup the modbus VIs (Unit ID, master adress...) and i don't understand the protocol of communication for the balances, what is a check sum and how to use it ? How could i know if my program is the master ? How to send the message in order to received the data.


I am used to program under labview but i am new in the device communication program and i need some help in order to achieve my project.

Thank you, 


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Well my French is pretty poor but that does not look like Modbus to me.


Any chance of getting a recent manual that is in English?

=== Engineer Ambiguously ===
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No documentation exist also i have translate by myself the protocol. 

Thank you,

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