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Tracking down rogue class dependencies



This is a bit of a wierd one, and it could well be that it's late at night and I'll suddenly realise I'm being terribly stupid tomorrow morning.


I have an issue that I have a base class in that when I load it, it also loads all of its child classes and as it's a fairly big project makes everything horrendously slow. I've done the right click on dependencies and selected 'Why in dependencies?' for clues and it points to 2 VI's that are called from child classes, but it still doesn't explain why all of these child classes should be loaded.

Does anyone have any advice or strategies for trying to figure out why this is happenning - is it something VI Analyzer might find?

Any advice greatly received,




David Clark
IDEX Biometrics UK Ltd
Hampshire, England
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Two thoughts:


  1. Are the classes all in a library together? I think that a library does load all the classes that it owns when it's loaded.
  2. Is it possible that you have controls/indicators/constants somewhere with default data which includes the child classes? That would cause them to be loaded.


Also, if the class points to a VI in the class, check to see where that VI is called.

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Thanks for your reply - eventually it turned out to be exactly as you said, I found a control that I didn't realise was part of a seperate .lvlib and it was pulling in massive of other stuff from that .lvlib and then it's dependencies too.

David Clark
IDEX Biometrics UK Ltd
Hampshire, England
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