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Timed sequence nodes disappeared

Many of the input/output nodes on the frames of my timed sequence disappeared, I can still connect numeric controls to the 'Start' node, but the whole box containing all the nodes is gone/invisible. Is it possible to get them back? It doesn't seem to be causing any real timing issues when running the VI, but it's a bit disconcerting... I was using labview 8.0, but I just upgraded to 10, and it didn't help. Thanks.

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Can you show us a picture or attach a simple VI that shows the problem?

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At least in 2011, there's a right-click menu to show/hide the data nodes in the individual sequence frames.  Is this what you are referring to?

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Nope, it wasn't just hidden, and my version of labview does not have the 'show left data node' in the menu. However, my new version does have 'clean up diagram', and that apparently solved the problem! they are now visible again.

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