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Thermocouple Input Error

I'm trying to run a while loop that has two inputs and one output.
The two programs are: -A Thermocouple which is connected to a controller which sends an output
-A flowmeter that sends an input voltage to be read in LabView.

When I run both programs separately they work fine, but when running in the same loop I get an error.
The Error is in the input DAQ assitant of the Thermocouple. This is the message:

Error - 50103 occured at DAQmx Readv(Analog 1D wfm NChan NSamp).vi.

This error also comes up when running both programs on separate loops, separate files, but simultaneously. I think I'm just missing a command. Is that right?

Can someone help me to figure out what the problem may be.

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Hi gplaza,

I think You are using Two different Analog Input Config VI's for reading two inputs. Include both the readings in to a single loop by giving two channel names in AI config VI. You will get a array as output with Thermocouple reading and flow values.

The problem you are facing now is due to AI config.

I think this help you to sort your issue.

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It is a good idea not to start multiple threads with the same question. It will probably only cause more confusion at your end as the various replies won't be a progression but may be repeative.

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