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The output of a power supply in labview using a Magna Power LXI over RS232 to simulate a periodic voltage.

How can I toggle the output of a power supply in labview using a Magna Power LXI over RS232 to simulate a periodic voltage?  Any help would be apreciated?

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LXI is Ethernet communication.

Does the power supply have an RS232 port?

Are you looking for an RS232 to Ethernet (LXI) Converter


But to simulate a periodic voltage you need to send the SCPI "Source" command to the power supply in a loop.

Changing the Voltage setting in periodic value.


How fast of a periodic voltage do you need?

You may be limited to how fast LabVIEW, Windows and your power supply can respond to commands.


Use VISA writes. It is the same for LXI as it is for RS232. The LabVIEW code would be the same.

After you select the corrent VISA Ref, either a com port or an IP address, LabVIEW does not care if it is LXI or RS232.


From a Magna manual I found


Command Syntax

[SOURce]:VOLTage[:LEVel][:IMMediate][:AMPLitude] <nrf+>

[SOURce]:VOLTage[:LEVel]:TRIGgered[:AMPLitude] <nrf+>


VOLT 200





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I am assuming you are talking about a programmable DC supply.


On an Non-Real Time operating system (like Windows), you will be limited on how fast you can go.

If you need faster, you need to get an AC power supply or an arbitrary waveform generator.


periodic voltage.png

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What's the exact model number? Have you used Help> Find Instrument Drivers?

LXI over RS232 does not make much sense. It's either LXI or RS232.
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I'm sorry I'm new to Labview, & thought LXI was part of the model number, but it  does have RS232, which is the mode of communication we chose.  However I think I've figured out a way to accomplish our task using the help menue.

Thanks for the help.

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could you please share the vi that worked for you ? I have similar problems, I have made a vi but somehow I am not able to energise the manga dc power supply for it to hold the required voltage or current constant. Thanks in advance

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